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1,029 - Types of Vandalism

Sometimes when things get dangerous, people like to take the law into their own hands. Find out how in this episode.

Slow dialog: 1:15
Explanations: 3:39
Fast dialog: 18:24

Jim: Did you hear what happened to the Romeros?

Helene: No, what?

Jim: They went on vacation for a week and vandals broke a couple of windows in the back of their house and tagged their living room walls with graffiti.

Helene: That’s terrible! There are always punks who like to egg houses in this neighborhood for fun, but this is much more serious.

Jim: I think things are getting out of hand. Every week or two, we hear of incidents of people having their tires slashed or their cars keyed.

Helene: And the Jamisons had their flowerbeds trampled and a small fire set on their lawn three weeks ago. This neighborhood is really going downhill.

Jim: What should we do about it?

Helene: What do you mean?

Jim: I think we should start patrolling the streets at night.

Helene: You mean organize a neighborhood watch? Wouldn’t that be dangerous?

Jim: If you’re worried, when you see something suspicious, call the police.

Helene: And you think they’ll come in time to catch them? The police aren’t known for quick response times in this neighborhood.

Jim: Then we’ll go after them ourselves.

Helene: You mean be vigilantes? I’m not sure that would be wise.

Jim: Why not? If Clint Eastwood can do it, so can I. Go ahead, punk, make my day!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

No Way to Know When Earthquake Will Hit

VOA Special English - 4 hours 14 min ago
Last Sunday, an earthquake struck the Napa Valley area of northern California. Some roads bent, while underground pipes burst. It was the strongest earthquake to strike the Napa Valley in 15 years. No one was killed, but many people were treated in hospitals. Scientists say the earthquake last weekend was a magnitude 6 quake.  “The magnitude of the earthquake reflects how much of the Earth’s crust ruptured. It’s really an expression of the total energy that’s released when a...

HIV/AIDS Cases Rise Among Young in Thailand

VOA Special English - 4 hours 29 min ago
  An increasing number of young people in Thailand are becoming infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The United Nations Childrens Fund released a report about HIV on August 25th.  The report said people in Thailand between the ages of 15-24 have about 70 percent of the HIV infections caused by sex. Researchers gathered information from almost 2,000 young people in Thailand who are members of groups that have a higher risk of becoming infected with...

Katy Perry, Forever in Blue Jeans at Awards Show

VOA Special English - 4 hours 39 min ago
Welcome to American Mosaic from VOA Learning English. I’m Caty Weaver. Today we are talking about the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. It was a big week for the entertainment industry in the United States. On Monday night the Emmy Awards honored the top stars and projects in television. But the fun really began Sunday when the cable network, MTV, presented its yearly Video Music Awards. That event took place in Inglewood, California. And the stars came out for the ceremony. But...

stock up

Spotlight - 6 hours 30 min ago
"There was a sale at the supermarket, so I was able to stock up on food."

What is the English name for the capital of Austria?

Spotlight - 6 hours 30 min ago
* Vene * Vienna * Wiener

Ukraine and NATO: Russian Troops Crossed Into Ukraine

VOA Special English - 6 hours 43 min ago
Ukrainian and NATO officials on Thursday said Russian forces had crossed the border into Ukraine to support pro-Russia separatists. At a special Organization for Security and Cooperation meeting in Vienna, Ukrainian Ambassador Ihor Prokopchuk, told reporters "what we registered is a direct invasion of the Russian military into the eastern regions of Ukraine." Russian Ambassador Andrey Kelin denied the accusation at the OSC meeting. He said, "No Russian forces are...


Wordsmith.org Today's Word - 28 August 2014 - 12:01pm
1. To discontinue a session of something, for example, a parliament. 2. To defer or to postpone.

6 Minute English

BBC Learning English - 28 August 2014 - 11:23am
Rob and Feifei discuss the use of experimental drugs to treat Ebola. 6 Minute English: 28 August 2014

sweven: Dictionary.com Word of the Day

Dictionary.com Word of the Day - 28 August 2014 - 9:00am
sweven: a vision; dream.

Cartoon: Ryanair Introduces 'Business Class'

The English Blog - 28 August 2014 - 8:11am


Ryanair, which once suggested it would introduce standing-only flights if only it was allowed by aviation safety authorities, will launch a new tier of tickets aimed at business travellers willing to pay more for better service. ‘Business Plus’ tickets will offer the ability to change to another flight on the same day, to any airport in the same destination country, up to 40 minutes before departure for no extra fee, Ryanair said on Wednesday. The airline normally charges as much as £90 to make a change. Ryanair’s business customers will have to make do with the same type of seating as everyone else, but their more expensive tickets will include priority boarding, and one of the so-called ‘premium’ seats on the flight. They are either at the front of the plane, granting a quick exit, or in exit rows, offering more leg room. The airline normally charges £15 on top of a standard ticket to reserve one. Read more >>

The cartoon by Kipper Williams from The Guardian shows a 'Business Plus' passenger holding a scratchcard. A flight attendant asks him if he'd like her to scratch his scratchcard for him.

Ryanair began selling scratchcards in 2008 in an attempt to further increase its additional or 'ancillary' revenues. Around a quarter of the airline’s annual earnings are generated by ancillary revenues. Its extra charges, including check-in fees, booking fees and luggage charges, have increased by up to 700 per cent since 2006. The joke is that the 'better service' being offered by the air hostess to the passenger who has paid more for his 'Business Plus' ticket is ridiculously insignificant.

A scratchcard (or scratch card) is a small card with a substance on its surface that you scratch off to find out whether you have won a prize. • Scratch cards are sold all over the UK in various shops ranging from small corner shops, post offices to supermarket chains. 

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Newsy Video: Why A 12.9-Inch iPad Would Make Sense For Apple

The English Blog - 28 August 2014 - 7:33am
It's late August. Kids are back in school, football kicks off soon and Apple rumors are ringing in our ears. That last one picked up big-time Tuesday with Bloomberg's report that months of speculation on a bigger iPad could finally be coming true. The outlet reported Apple plans to start producing the 12.9-inch tablet in the first quarter of 2015. Full transcript >>

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OALD Word Of The Day - 28 August 2014 - 3:00am
fastidious: being careful that every detail of something...

Lincoln Wins 1860 Election, Loses Southern States

VOA Special English - 28 August 2014 - 2:30am
From VOA Learning English, this is The Making of a Nation. I’m Kelly Jean Kelly. And I’m Christopher Cruise. The presidential election of 1860 brought feelings of both hope and fear. Americans had hope for the future because they would have a new leader. But they feared that even a new president could not hold the nation together. The states of the South were very close to leaving the Union over the issue of slavery. The election campaign opened in the summer of 1860....

Investors Return to Vietnam After Anti-China Protests

VOA Special English - 28 August 2014 - 2:15am
In May, anti-China protestors in Vietnam caused damage to at least 460 factories owned by foreigners. Thousands of foreign investors fled Vietnam. They feared there would be more riots. But foreign investment has now returned to levels that existed before the protests. The flow of money returned for three main reasons.  The government has promised to protect foreign investors. Also, the economy continues to grow. Finally, the cost of manufacturing remains low. Clothing,...

Knowledge Does Not Lead to Action on Environment

VOA Special English - 28 August 2014 - 2:07am
Monty Hempel is a professor of environmental sciences at Redlands University in California. He studies ecological literacy -- or ecoliteracy, for short. Ecoliteracy is the ability to think about and understand the natural processes that make life possible.  Monty Hempel says ecoliteracy gives people knowledge about environmental problems. But he says it does not always work to get them to change their behavior. “Ecoliteracy is a phrase invented to describe the kinds of...

Earthquake Strikes Near Icelandic Volcano

VOA Special English - 28 August 2014 - 2:05am
Iceland’s Meteorological Office announced on Tuesday that the strongest earthquake in 10 days has struck the Bardarbunga volcano. The earthquake measured 5.7.                        ...

American Jihadist Killed in Syria

VOA Special English - 28 August 2014 - 12:24am
Details are being gathered about the first American known to be killed fighting for Islamic State militants in Syria. Douglas McCain was 33 years old when he died Sunday. He was raised in Minnesota and had worked as a caregiver in California. On Tuesday, the U.S. National Security Council confirmed Douglas McCain's death.  The State Department said U.S. officials had communicated with his family. Mr. McCain reportedly left the U.S. for Turkey and later traveled into...


Spotlight - 28 August 2014 - 12:14am
"Let's put on costumes and pretend we're pirates."

What my professors really taught me

Spotlight - 28 August 2014 - 12:14am

A good teacher is a guide for life. Mike Pilewski remembers his college professors' most quotable moments.

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