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1,019 - Losing a Passport While Traveling

English As A Second Language Podcast - 25 July 2014 - 9:00am

Losing important documents when you’re traveling can be a real problem. Learn more in this episode.

Slow dialog: 1:24
Explanations: 3:37
Fast dialog: 18:16

Nina: Oh, my God! I can’t find my passport. I never should have put it in my purse. I’m sure a pickpocket took it.

Serge: Calm down. Maybe you just misplaced it. Let’s turn out all of your pockets and search for it before we panic.

Nina: I know it’s gone. I know it! Flag down the police. We have to file a police report.

Serge: If your passport has been stolen, we need to find the U.S. embassy.

Nina: We’re supposed to continue on to the next country on our tour tomorrow. We’re going to get left behind!

Serge: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If we need to find a U.S. embassy and apply for a temporary passport, we’ll do that.

Nina: It’s Saturday! We won’t get any help at the embassy until Monday. We’ll be stuck here.

Serge: It’ll take as long as it takes. Now, let’s search through all of your belongings before we do anything else.

Nina: I just thought of something.

Serge: What?

Nina: I think I may have left it in the hotel room.

Serge: You think you may have left it in the hotel room.

Nina: Isn’t that good news? All that worry for nothing.

Serge: Let’s not count our chickens. You might have another inspiration.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

VV 40 – Financial English Vocabulary: Stocks and Shares 2

BusinessEnglishPod - 4 hours 26 min ago

In this Video Vocab lesson, we’ll learn how stocks trade at a certain level, how they close at the end of the day, and how investors bid on shares. This may involve strategies such as short selling and flash trading. We will also cover ideas such as bear markets and bull markets and find out what a blue chip stock is.

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Search Begins for Missing Air Algeria Plane

VOA Special English - 5 hours 53 sec ago
Searchers are looking for an Air Algeria flight that disappeared during a trip from the capital of Burkina Faso to Algiers.  The airplane is carrying at least 116 people including the crew.  Reuters news agency reported that an unnamed Algerian official said the airplane had crashed.   However, Air Algeria told reporters in Ouagadougou that the airplane is still considered missing. Algeria’s official APS news agency reported that the plane was last seen on...


Wordsmith.org Today's Word - 6 hours 24 min ago
The British government or the British Civil Service.

6 Minute English

BBC Learning English - 13 hours 21 min ago
Rob and Neil talk about the Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr. 6 Minute English: 24 July 2014

ardor: Dictionary.com Word of the Day

Dictionary.com Word of the Day - 14 hours 22 min ago
ardor: great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion.

Cartoon: Commonwealth Games Begin

The English Blog - 14 hours 51 min ago

Paul thomas cartoon

Tartan-clad performers, spinning oversized Tunnock's tea cakes and a giant kilt were among the highlights at a feel-good Commonwealth Games 2014 opening ceremony on Wednesday night. The Queen officially opened the games before a 40,000-strong crowd in Glasgow's Celtic Park with millions more expected to watch on television. Thousands of athletes from 71 nations and territories took part. They entered the stadium after the live show, which had a cast of around 2,000. The Queen declared the Games open by reading her own message from inside the Commonwealth baton. Read more >>

The cartoon by Paul Thomas from the Daily Express shows the Queen and Prince Philip at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The Queen, who is wearing a parachute, says, "The parachute? I'm hoping I might be jumping out of a plane again ..."

The queen is referring to the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics when a stuntman dressed as Her Majesty jumped out of a helicopter (not a plane) and landed just outside the Olympic Park (watch video at 4:40). And see this earlier Paul Thomas cartoon which uses a similar idea.

How many celebrities can you spot in the cartoon? There's Rod Stewart, Susan Boyle, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and David Cameron

Note the use of 'might' to express possibility. See Oxford Dictionaries for more on using 'might'.

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Words in the News: Poultry

The English Blog - 15 hours 40 min ago


Three of the UK’s leading supermarkets have launched emergency investigations into their chicken supplies after a Guardian investigation uncovered a catalogue of alleged hygiene failings in the poultry industry. Undercover footage, photographic evidence and information from whistleblowers has revealed how strict industry hygiene standards to prevent the contamination of chicken with the potentially deadly campylobacter bug can be flouted on the factory floor and on farms. Full story >>

Poultry [U] is birds such as chickens and ducks that are kept on farms in order to produce eggs and meat. Poultry is also the meat from such birds. • There is plenty of evidence that eating more poultry is good for your health.

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Newsy Video: Professor Creates Site Revealing Where People's Cats Live

The English Blog - 15 hours 41 min ago

A Florida State University professor has created a project that tracks your cat pictures and then figures out where that cat lives. Wait ... seriously? ​It's called I Know Where Your Cat Lives, and you can keep hitting the "Random Cat" button to find more real cats all over the world and their exact geographical locations. Full transcript >>

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OALD Word Of The Day - 20 hours 22 min ago
chaos: a state of complete confusion and lack of order...


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